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Step 1

Find effective therapies

Type a medical condition in the search bar to find  supplements, herbs, foods, diets and mind body therapies that are safe and effective. Easily access the research articles supporting simplified summaries to get more details such as turmeric benefits for depression. Alternatively, you can also search by supplement name (example: Ashwagandha) to see if it is effective for a specific medical condition.


Osteoporosis Efficacy
Osteoporosis Efficacy-Mobile

Step 2

Buy professional grade supplements

Access and Buy professional grade supplements through the Wellkasa pharmacy on Fullscript, the leading virtual Integrative Medicine dispensary in North America. In our pharmacy you will find custom wellness plans (protocols) by medical condition and curated highest quality supplements usually not accessible in your online or retail stores. So come discover the benefits of Vitamin D or find the highest quality Ashwagandha pills at our Wellkasa Pharmacy powered by Fullscript.

Wellkasa Pharmacy
Wellkasa Pharmacy

Step 3

Track and journal

Save therapies in your personalized account for one-click access to safety and efficacy information. Take notes or journal your experience with each saved therapy to see if Turmeric benefits are real for your osteoarthritis. Use the share feature of your browser to share your journal privately and securely with a loved one or a doctor.